How Facility Technicians Can Prevent Evaporator Coil Corrosion Without Damaging AC Coils

It feels like summer has arrived in some regions and the last thing you want is your HVAC system to fail when a heat wave arrives. Detecting a drop in HVAC performance is often the only warning you’ll get that something is about to go wrong. But with dirty coils putting an unnecessary load on the system these warning signs can be hidden.

If you read our previous post, you already know that cleaning your facility’s HVAC coils can save up to 30% in power consumption, reduce wear and tear and improve IAQ by eliminating mold. But did you know that delaying the job can make the task harder and risk evaporator coil corrosion?

Those particles on the heat-transfer surfaces not only block the air that the fan is forcing through, they often contain chemicals that enable ions to eat into the coils or formic acids that also cause corrosion. Using the right cleaning chemicals will remove and protect against mold growth. Think of it as providing a layer of maintenance insurance against corrosion while making the job easier.

What happens if your maintenance plan is haphazard or ineffective? Bacterial activity occurs and creates biofilm, a protective shell that is much harder to remove than the organisms themselves. Waiting too long to clean the coils gives biofilm longer to build up. In addition, removing the biofilm with aggressive techniques can damage evaporator coils. So preventing that stubborn biofilm from building up in the first place is the best solution. 

By using a combination of continuously controlled water pressure and chemicals containing biocides and fungicides, you can save labor and equipment replacement costs, while protecting your system from corrosion.

Having the right tools for the job also means that your staff won’t have to put off essential work that could impact occupant satisfaction when the heat of summer arrives. A quick look through the Coil Cleaning Buying Guide will make choosing the right solution simple.

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