Coil Cleaner Market Trends: Mastering Preventive Maintenance Brings New Business

Dirt is a fact of life. Soil, pollen, dust and other debris conspire to make any HVAC installation less efficient over time; the nature of air and moisture transfer between condensing and evaporating systems make dirty coils an inevitable consequence of running HVAC. As noted by Contracting Business, however, a little dirt goes a long way when it comes to device operating costs and lifespans. What’s more, new markets are opening for companies able to guarantee clean coils and timely maintenance.

More Than Money

According to the CB piece as airborne contaminants settle on condenser and evaporator coils, their ability to transfer heat is impaired. In addition, pollen or bacteria spores deposited on HVAC coils can adversely affect resulting air quality. Lowered efficiency translates to increased energy use — on average, dirty coils cost $2268 to run per year while clean coils come in at just $1650 for a savings of almost $170.

And that’s not the end of dirty coil issues, since restricted heat transfer means a loss of up to 30 percent cooling power. Worse yet? It’s on the hottest days of the year — when cooling power is most needed — that systems won’t be able to keep up. Last but certainly not least, coils covered in grease or grime reduce the life expectancy of an HVAC system. It only makes sense: Elevated temperatures could lead to a system overheat, acid formation and even total compressor failure. Fortunately, all-in-one coil cleaning solutions are now available — from self-contained units to backpack systems — which help keep HVAC installations in top shape.

New Opportunity

Beyond better life expectancy and lowered costs, however, a track record of stellar maintenance and timely service can also help your organization tap new markets. As noted by Equities, for example, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is now looking for a trusted third-party to handle coil cleaning at its VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas. The selected firm will be responsible for maintaining the air handling unit’s chilled water coils and as described by the federal solicitation notice, the “offer’s business size, certification and status will be verified.”

Simply put? There’s an opportunity here to get in on the ground floor with the VA — which operates hospitals in major cities across the country — for an HVAC contractor with the tools and expertise necessary to ensure condenser coils are always kept safe and clean. In other words, beyond the satisfaction of customers that heating and cooling bills are lower and the life of their system has been extended, tackling dirty coils head-on offers a new avenue of opportunity for businesses willing to make coil cleaning a critical company mandate.

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