Top 10 HVAC Posts of All Time

Today we’re bringing you our Top 10 HVAC posts of all time. Drum roll, please.

Top Ten 1. Top 3 HVAC Expert Predictions for 2014
In this post, we talked to a few key experts in the HVAC field about their predictions for the upcoming year. It garnered lots of attention from our HVAC industry readers because it’s a good resource as they look ahead to the coming year.

2. How to Clean Your Heat Exchangers – Checklist Download
This post provides information on heat exchangers, including a link to a printable checklist that includes all the tools and products you need for the job. Our cleaning checklists are always popular as they’re great resources to put to use in everyday life.

3. How to Assure ‘Right-Sizing’ HVAC Systems for Efficient Operation
The right size HVAC improves efficiency and saves money while a larger-than-necessary system only wastes energy and costs more to operate and install. This is an important consideration those in the HVAC/facility management industry don’t want to overlook, and our blog gives some helpful pointers on how to avoid installing an oversize system.

4. Chemical Descalers Make Cleaning Heat Exchangers Easier
Heat exchangers are used in a variety of appliances, but they are prone to accumulate deposits that affect heat transfer. Since hindered heat transfer affects efficiency our readers clearly appreciate hearing about the best ways keep their heat exchangers clean.

5. Green Cleaning: Using Steam to Kill Germs and Bed Bugs
Dry vapor steam cleaning is environmentally friendly, and effective at killing germs and bed bugs. With the growing concern over bed bug infestations, this post drew our readers’ attention.

6. Flow Rate is Key When Choosing a Pressure Washer
It’s not the pressure that makes a job go faster, but a pressure washer capable of a higher flow rate. This was an eye-opening post for our readers and dispels the common myth that a pressure washer with more pressure makes for a better wash.

7. HVAC Coil Corrosion: Should You Be Concerned
We explain two types of coil corrosion, and the coatings that are sometimes applied to coils to prevent corrosion, but we also explain how to prevent coil corrosion. Coil corrosion is obviously important to those in the HVAC field or facility management because corroded coils greatly affect efficiency.

8. The Nitty Gritty Behind Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils
This blog post highlights our downloadable checklist on cleaning air conditioner coils, and explains why it’s important. Facility managers find this info useful in making sure their systems stay clean and run as efficiently as possible.

9. Mold: A Common HVAC Complaint That Is Easy To Deal With
Mold is commonly found in a HVAC system, and this post, which really caught our readers’ attention, offers some helpful tips on cleaning it out of your system. While it’s a common complaint, not everyone understands some of the simple steps you can take to remove it from your HVAC system.

10. Ammonia As a Refrigerant: Pros and Cons
Fewer CFCS (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCS (hydrochlorofluorocarbonsare available for use as refrigerants. However, ammonia is becoming more popular as a cost-effective, efficient, environmentally safe alternative. This is a hot topic as the industry looks for refrigerant alternatives.

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