Hurricane Sandy One-Year Anniversary – IAQ, Mold, Cleanup Issues Persist

One year after Superstorm Sandy, and the clean up continues. Buildings in areas affected by the storm are still considered unsafe because they are contaminated with mold and mildew.

dontmissthisstep450Mold control is not an issue to be taken lightly, as we’ve told you previously. There are adverse health effects associated with mold exposure. And some people are more sensitive than others, particularly if they already have allergies, asthma or chronic lung diseases.

For example, a number of New Jersey residents whose homes have been damaged by Hurricane Sandy are now suffering symptoms of what is being called the “Sandy lung.”

In fact, homeowners in Toms River, New Jersey, have reported developing respiratory issues after being exposed to mold, mildew, and other irritants inside their Sandy-damaged houses.

Last November we began our Post-Hurricane Sandy Series discussing mold control for HVAC and facilities. We’ve also explained that in addition to serious health issues, there’s also a financial component to mold since its growth can ruin business assets in your building.

Sick building syndrome, which is most often is attributed to poor indoor air quality because of contaminants like mold and mildew, is a huge concern in facilities damaged by flood waters. If the mold and mildew aren’t properly removed, building inhabitants may experience the adverse health effects associated with mold exposure.

Mold can grow on floors, walls and other surfaces, as well as within an HVAC system. And because flood waters carry debris that may get pulled into towers, it’s also crucial to a thorough recovery and clean-up process after flooding to clean your facility’s cooling towers.

After a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, you should also check to determine if your facility is eligible for assistance from government agencies like FEMA. And we’ve also offered tips to help you prepare for a natural disaster.

Earlier this year Goodway was also part of an important event presented by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute at Baruch College in New York. At the event, experts in the HVAC and mold remediation industry participated in a roundtable forum focusing on the impending issues around the hidden dangers and careless remediation that can lead to major problems in disaster stricken areas.


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  • The place where these kind of natural disaster happens are affected badly people has to suffer personal losses and has to adjust them self with these conditions at this time Mold control is not an issue to be taken lightly it has adverse health effects so mold control is very important.

    November 1, 2013

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