Facility Management To Do Now: Boiler Maintenance

Your facility’s boiler may finally be at rest now that the heating season is over, but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook your boiler’s maintenance needs. The perfect time to address any maintenance issues is when your boiler is offline.

heating engineer repairman in boiler roomProper maintenance is key to keeping your boiler functioning reliably. But as we explain in our past post, What You Need to Know About Boiler Maintenance Costs and Benefits, a preventative maintenance program also improves safety, minimizes downtime, decreases replacement costs and reduces energy and water usage.

A boiler inspection should occur regularly, at a minimum of once a year. Energy Manager Today recommends checking the boiler for leaks and proper functioning of valves, controls, safety devices, and indicators as part of a standard boiler maintenance program.

Any parts that are not functioning properly can put the boiler at risk of major damage. Additionally, during the inspection look for any signs of corrosion or overheating. These are potential warning signs that the boiler is not working properly and you should repair it promptly.

In the introduction to our checklist, How to Clean Industrial Boilers, we explain that fuel consumption within a boiler can increase by up to 5% because of scale, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Dirty boiler tubes affect efficiency in both old and new systems. Facility managers must include boiler tube cleaning as part of their preventative maintenance plans. Preventing scale build up in a boiler can reduce energy costs as well as reduce the cost of repairs and lengthen the system’s lifespan.

Goodways offers a variety of brushes and scraper tools that attach to our cleaning tools to remove light deposits as well as thick deposits and everything in between.

Our liquid descaler product breaks up the toughest deposits. Our descaler equipment with pH analysis automatically descales while it monitors pH. The equipment injects chemicals as needed until the boiler is completely clean.

With Goodway’s boiler tube cleaning tools, it’s possible to descale a boiler in as little as an hour. Goodway is a global leader in boiler cleaning products, using the latest technologies and innovations to bring you the cleaning tools that enable you to clean your boiler as quickly as possible.

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