How to Clean Industrial Boilers – Checklist Download

We’ve covered cleaning your facility’s cooling system in our Spring Cleaning Checklist posts. Now it’s time to address cleaning boilers and heat exchangers.

Fortunately, Goodway makes it easy for you to start today. Below are two printable cleaning checklists to get the ball rolling:

Checklist 1: “How to Clean Industrial Boilers
Checklist 2: “How To Clean Heat Exchangers

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We’re writing a series of blogs to explain each checklist in more detail. This first post in the series addresses industrial boilers. The second post will discuss cleaning heat exchangers. We’ll address the importance of cleaning these systems and reference the checklists, including what tools/products you need to get the job done right.

Here’s more about this week’s topic – cleaning industrial boilers:

The U.S. Department of Energy has released a tip sheet addressing energy efficiency for boilers. The agency’s data shows fuel consumption may increase by up to 5% because of scale. Preventing scale build-up can result in substantial energy savings. Both firetube and watertube boilers can experience build-up and reduced efficiency. Proper testing and regular cleaning reduces fuel consumption and allows systems to operate more efficiently. Higher efficiency and a clean system reduce the cost of repairs and lengthen the system’s lifespan.

How often you should clean you boiler depends primarily on the environmental conditions affecting your system. Regularly testing your boiler’s efficiency is the best way to understand how often cleaning is needed. Rising stack temperatures indicate a dirty system. Testing can also identify other problems including fouling on the exchanger, dirty burners, improper firing ratios and impingements on the flame. Goodway’s Stack Efficiency Tester measures stack temperatures, O2 and CO. The device calculates CO2 along with excess air and combustion efficiency.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a visual inspection whenever boilers are shut down. A video scope shows you what’s there and helps you determine if all the scale has been removed during the cleaning process. Remove scale with acid cleaning or through mechanical means, according to the U.S Department of Energy. Use one of our cleaning tools to loosen deposits.

Choose from a variety of brushes and scraper tools to attach to our cleaning tools to remove everything from light to thick deposits. Our liquid descaler breaks up tough deposits from water tube boiler tubes. One of our popular items is our descaler equipment with pH analysis. It automatically descales while monitoring pH. As more chemicals are needed the equipment injects more, until the boiler is clean.

The “How To Clean Industrial Boilers” checklist explains the step-by-step tube cleaning process in more detail. As an additional tip, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends consulting with your local water treatment specialist to consider modifying the feedwater treatment.

With Goodway’s boiler tube cleaning technology, it can take as little as an hour to descale a boiler. Goodway is a global leader in boiler cleaning technologies. We use the latest technologies and innovations to bring you the cleaning tools that enable the fastest cleaning process for boilers.

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