Top 4 HVAC Industry Trends For 2012

[Editor’s Note:  If your looking to boost your HVAC career in 2012 check out our HVAC Career Development Map]

Last week we discussed the top 3 HVAC tech trends for next year. Since 2012 is all but here, now is a good time to also look at some key HVAC industry trends.

Green Initiatives are gaining even more steam.  Check out this video to see some of the hottest new green technologies.  If you want to learn more about the future direction of Green research, this report will be of interest to you.

Another trend that meshes with Green Building is environmental impact and responsibility.  Indoor air quality is more in the forefront than ever.  Cooling tower maintenance and a good coil cleaning program can pay huge dividends in both energy efficiency and IAQ.  Duct cleaning is another “must have” for a complete IAQ strategy.  Environmentally responsible products, such as compressors that are highly efficient as well as capable of operating with new refrigerants that drastically reduce ozone depletion, will be the standard, perhaps as early as this year.

Unfortunately, another trend seems to be part of today’s world: developing emergency-preparedness plans. Facilities of today rely on their HVAC systems more then ever before.  If there was a large scale emergency, how would you cope?  It is 2012 after all!

Let’s end this with a little optimism.  Industry experts think 2012 will be a great year with pent up demand for products and increased interest in new technologies  from both residential and commercial customers.

Looks like 2012 could be a very big year for the HVAC industry!

Here are some additional steps you can take in 2012:



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  • I have noticed that trends for HVAC systems have been moving more and more to the “green” side. I definitely need to be a lot better about my duct cleaning like you mentioned. It’s easy for me to forget that I need it done until my allergies kick up from all the dust and gunk being blown out of them. How often would you suggest they get cleaned?

    April 17, 2012
  • In response to the HVAC Inquirer who commented above me, I think it is wonderful that the HVAC industry continues to become greener. Considering heating and air conditioning is a HUGE contributor to global warming.

    Even if you do not find credibility in Global Warming, the HVAC industry uses a lot of energy. Warming or not, our means of energy production need to be expanded. In the meantime, we must conserve as much as we can. (Ironic that I am here typing on a keyboard as I say this).

    Even if Energy isn’t one of your top concerns, money certainly is. Less energy, less money.

    October 25, 2012
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