Facility Management Certifications (FMC, CFM, CHFM) are Valuable Tools

The facility management industry is as competitive as it has ever been and the core competencies for a facility manager have evolved rather quickly. The days of being promoted because you are the guy who knows how the facility or power plant works are over.  Employers, including your current one, are looking for engineering degrees, business acumen, tool / equipment know-how and solid personnel management skills to go along with the real world knowledge that used to suffice.

How do I know? Last year I was in job search mode in a market full of qualified applicants.  I was confident that my 12 years of facility management experience would be enough to get me hired. However, I discovered that my experience, although critical, was not delivering immediate job offers.  Everyone I was competing against also had management skills,  on the job experience and worked extensively with tools and equipment like test instrumentsdescaler systemsindustrial vacuums and so forth. I could not differentiate myself on experience alone.

One thing that always came up when I did have an interview was my CHFM (Certified Healthcare Facility Manager) designation.  Prospective employers were interested in what went into obtaining it.  It was instrumental in my landing my current position at a major pharmaceutical company. So whether you are looking to climb the ladder, or plan to stay put in your current position but want to become better at what you do, certification is a valuable tool.

Certifications like FMC, CFM or the more targeted CHFM are all quality, respected designations that can help you in the following ways:

  • It confirms you have the necessary core competencies.  Even if you fail the exam, any areas of weakness are exposed, so you know where you need to improve.
  • It adds credibility when dealing with management and your staff.
  • It shows that you have the drive to improve and grow as a facility manager.
  • It instantly gives you a peer group to network with for insight and support.  When you have a certification, you are a member of a select club.
  • It gives you a leg up on much of the competition when you are looking for a new position internally or with a new employer.

So if you have been considering obtaining a certification, remember that it will not only help you become better at the job you are doing today, but could very well help get the one you want tomorrow.

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  • Brian Davison CPE, CPMM, CHFM

    check out these certifications, and maybe add them to your list of ” valuable to have”. AFE’s CPE,(Certified Plant Engineer, has an 8 hr. test), CPMM,(Certified Plant Maintenance Manager, has a 4 hr test) and CPS (Certified Plant Supervisor ( 2 hr test, I believe).
    These are more plant and Maint. specific, while the CHFM’s 2 hr test is aimed more at Healthcare and JCAHO demands.

    CPE is desired / required on several Federal Maint management positions now.
    (Post Office for sure.)

    August 17, 2011
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  • Ronald Long

    CHFM course information

    July 11, 2018

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