Accessories Make Your Pressure Washer More Useful

If you have a pressure washer, chances are there is a fairly narrow set of tasks for which you use it.  Sure, you clean the sidewalks (especially the cracks between the individual blocks), and maybe you wash the mud off your pickup truck or lawn tractor…

Ho Hum…snore…

But add just the right accessories and options and you can extend the functionality of your pressure washer, letting you do so much more than just get the dirt off your stuff. For example…

Sand Blast

Turn your GPW-4000-G pressure washer into a wet-sand blaster with the versatile GPW-SBA-40.  Just attach it to your wand, put the intake hose into a supply of sand and away you go.   Strip painted or rusted surfaces down to bare metal with ease.  Remove graffiti, dried on chewing gum and stubborn stains from non-permeable surfaces with ease.   It’s also a great way to prepare metal items to be painted or plated.

Clean Drains and Pipes

Attach this special 100′ hose to select models of Goodway pressure washers and turn them into drain cleaners (look…up in the sky…).   Suitable for cleaning drain lines or pipes with IDs of up to 6”, the TE-100 hose takes a special 5/16” stainless steel nozzle with jets at 0-degrees and 45-degrees and hurls itself through a blocked pipe or drain.

Cut Through Thick, Greasy Stains

Goodway’s APC-100-6 all-purpose cleaner is specially-designed for use with pressure washers. Containing special chemicals to emulsify grease and oils, APC-100-6 cleaner will help your pressure washer cut through oily, greasy stains. It’s great for use with food prep and restaurant equipment, industrial machinery that’s lubricated with greases and oils (which is just about anything with a moving part) and drains that are plugged with organic products.

Create Loads of Suds

There are times when pressure just isn’t enough.   Sometimes you just really want a thick, fluffy, foamy layer of sudsy bubbles to get something really clean.  It is for just those jobs that Goodway created the GPW-FI.   Simply attach it to the end of your pressure washer’s wand and prepare for lots of suds. The on/off switch makes it easy to control.

Scrub Away

If suds aren’t your thing, maybe scrubbing is.   Or maybe combine the bubbles and the scrubbing and get scrubbing bubb…oh, wait, sorry — someone else has that one.   Remove really difficult stains like statically-attached road grime with the PBA-700 rotating 7” brush attachment with nylon bristles.   Just pull the trigger and the brush starts spinning and cleaning.

Go The Distance

If what you need to clean isn’t conveniently near your cleaner, just hook up any of Goodway’s extension hoses and add 25, 50 or even 100 feet of range to your cleaner. Great for building exteriors or structures that are not easily accessable. Put a high-pressure nozzle on the end and you have an instant drain or pipe cleaner.

Christmas may have come and gone, and most budgets didn’t start until January.  Many of these accessories and options are so low in price you could easily call them consumables and avoid that pesky capital acquisition process entirely (wink, wink). We could go on and on about quick-disconnect nozzles and telescoping wands, but we figure by now that you get the idea.

Rich Silverman
Goodway Blogging Team

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