Pressure Washers: Is Just One Enough?

If you were to take an inventory of the equipment you use most often in your day-to-day- activities as building and facility managers, what would be on that list?  Chances are most of them are the prosaic, ordinary stuff we all take for granted – ladders, vacuum cleaners, flashlights, two wheelers, small hand tools (screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, etc.) and pressure washers.

One thing they all have in common is that they are amazingly versatile and can be used in almost every situation – that’s why they are our go-to tools.  It’s hard to imagine going any length of time without needing and using all of them.

Notice that last item on the list – the pressure washer.  If it wasn’t on your list of most-used equipment, perhaps we can open your mind a little to the myriad applications for which it is ideally suited.  You can use a pressure washer to clean:

  • HVAC gear of all sorts
  • Brick, stucco, cement, siding, painted walls
  • Trucks, cars, buses, forklifts, tractors and lawn-care equipment
  • Kitchen equipment, garbage/trash receptacles
  • Machine-shop gear, conveyer belts
  • Grandstands, porta-potties, locker rooms

So, the question we are asking here is not “Should you own a pressure washer?”, but rather, “Which pressure washer should you own?”  And the answer to that question depends on what you want to do as well as how and where you want to do it.

Some pressure washers are portable, enabling you to clean items or areas that are hard to reach like outbuildings or rooftop HVAC equipment.   Units can be powered by your choice of gasoline, electric or air (for areas where electricity isn’t safe or available).  Depending on how stubborn the stain, you can get cold- or hot-water washers and units with special detergent or cleaning solution reservoirs for those really tough jobs. You can even get one that converts  from pressure washer to drain cleaner.

Let’s think out-of-the-box and further extend the functionality of your pressure washer with accessories, special nozzles, hoses and attachments.  For example, with the right attachment you can turn your GPW-4000 from a mere pressure-washer into a sand-blaster.

These are some of the more common uses for a pressure washer.  But we are willing to bet, creative bunch that you are, that you’ve used yours (you do have at least one, don’t you?) for some unique or unusual cleaning tasks.  Tell us about it if you have by commenting on this post so we can all benefit from your experience!

Rich Silverman
Goodway Blogging Team

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