A Trio of Articles Featuring HVAC Energy-Saving Tips

Here are three recent and useful articles full of energy-saving tips and advice for the commercial and industrial HVAC environment, courtesy of our ever-roving eye:

  • Controlling Energy Costs – How an energy assessment can help get you started” – Michael L. Walker, PE, LEED AP, of The EI Group, Inc., for EnvironmentalExpert.com, Aug. 28, 2009.  This one is full of great mini-case studies that highlight energy-saving tips, including several focusing on HVAC.  Key quote: “Many owners and managers have a desire to be ‘green’ but just as importantly, they want efficiency.  Slight improvements, some without significant capital cost, can add money directly back to the bottom line.”
  • Does your building measure up, energy wise?” – Michelle Rosenberger, LEED AP and Nancy Henderson, AIA LEED AP, of ArchEcology, for DJC.Com (Website for the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce).  The authors talk about the importance of paying attention to the building envelope and building energy systems, including the HVAC system.  They also talk about the value of 3-D energy modeling, whose use was kicked up a notch by the advent of LEED.  And they provide a case study of effective energy modeling at Denny Terrace, one of Seattle’s oldest and largest apartment buildings.  Key quote: ” A building’s performance is more than the just the sum of its individual systems.  An energy model approach allows potential upgrades to envelope systems, lighting and HVAC to be evaluated holistically.  The cost to implement each measure can be weighed against its effectiveness, when used in conjunction with the other proposed measures, to provide a true cost-benefit analysis on a whole-building basis.”
  • Plant gets $700K in utilities savings from air-filtration units” – Reliable Plant magazine, October 2009.  The title pretty much gets the point across for this one.  The plant in question is a metal-stamping plant, specifically, Toyotetsu America’s location in Somerset, Kentucky.  The article explains that this type of plant needs “to balance comfort cooling and heating against the need for smoke removal from metal fabricating processes such as manual and robotic welding and cutting, laser and plasma cutting, machining, grinding and polishing.”  The one in question “solved this dilemma by installing a point-of-source, closed, air-filtration system for its 330 welding stations at the same time as a 2,500-ton heating and air conditioning system.  By filtering welding-generated smoke in a closed system that returns treated air back to the plant, management cut it usage of natural gas by up to 85 percent for a savings of close to $60,000 in one month alone.”  They project an annual savings of $700,000 (a number that takes into account summer 2009 utility savings).  Consider the whole shebang one big energy-saving tip.

Matt Cardin
Goodway Blogging Team

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