Goodway Descaling Solutions For MULTISTACK® Chillers

Goodway descaling solutions with ScaleBreak®-MP have been tested and approved for use on SWEP® brazed plate heat exchangers, the type used on Multistack® chillers.

Goodway Multistack Descaling
Multistack Descaler ScaleBreak-MP

Multistack is a pioneer and a leader in the development and sales of modular chillers. Multistack continues to distinguish itself by identifying customer needs and co-forming partnerships to bring added value solutions to their customers. Multistack and Goodway both understand the importance of proper preventative maintenance to insure operational efficiencies remain high and equipment longevity is sustained. This forward thinking has resulted in a partnership to offer safe, efficient ScaleBreak-MP descaling solution and proven cleaning methodologies to keep your Multistack chiller clean.

Brazed plate heat exchangers transfer energy with high efficiency and minimal thermal loss. Operating environments where hard water occurs with the inclusion of high temperatures can allow scale to fall out of suspension and adhere to the heat transfer surface. The resulting scale creates an insulating barrier minimizing heat transfer, reduced EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and can result in corrosion potential issues. Implementing a preventative maintenance program with periodic ScaleBreak-MP descaling’s will help keep your Multistack modular chiller at peak performance.

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Our Multistack calculator is designed to give you guidance on how much product will be needed, and for how long to circulate it. What could be easier? 

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Goodway ScaleBreak-MP has been tested and approved for descaling SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers, those most used in Multistack chillers. Goodway also offers a variety of pumping systems to help circulate descaling solution. 

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