Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners

Goodway Dry Steam Cleaners (sometimes called vapor steam cleaners) offer the most advanced deep cleaning and sanitation technology. Dry steam uses superheated steam with an incredibly low moisture content to blast dirt, grease, soils, and other debris from surfaces while leaving them virtually dry and with little residual moisture without harsh chemicals. This power of steam also removes bacteria, allergens, and mold instantly.  Perfect for chemical-free "dry cleaning" areas in bakeries and snack production plants and manufacturing and facilities where degreasing and surface cleaning is essential. 

How well do dry vapor steam cleaners work?

Dry vapor steam cleaners provide all the cleaning and sanitizing power of wet steam, but with very little water content. In most cases around 5% moisture. Our vapor steam cleaners kill germs on contact and blast all debris in its path. It heats tap water in its boiler to 360 degrees F, producing dry vapor steam with an adjustable pressure up to 145 PSI, an output temperature of 290 degrees F.

  • Potencia de entrada: 15 amps, 120 V, 60 Hz AC Máximo 1,500 W
  • Presión de vapor de salida: Ajustable, 0-115 PSI
  • Temperatura de vapor de salida: 228 grados F
  • Tanque de agua: 0.5 galones
  • Tanque de químico: 0.5 galones
  • Dimensiones: 15 pulgadas de alto x 24 pulgadas de ancho x 36.5 pulgadas de profundidad
  • Peso: 62 lbs neto seco
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