Industrial Backpack Vacuums

Sometimes you just need to clean in tight spaces, or areas where a traditional industrial vacuum just doesn't do the job. Goodway industrial backpack vacuum cleaners offer the power of upright vacuums in a compact and convenient form for ultra-portable cleaning. It is ideal for cleaning congested areas, stairs, aisles, seats, shelving and other places where using upright or canister vacuums would be cumbersome. Unlike other industrial backpack vacuum cleaners, this unit is ergonomically designed to curve with the operator's lower back, distributing the vacuum's weight over the hips and the shoulders for a comfortable fit.

The Goodway industrial backpack vacuum cleaner can serve all of your different commercial vacuum cleaning applications when you need the convenience of a backpack vacuum. Additionally, Goodway provides certified HEPA filtration for its BPV-100H backpack vacuum.