PureBelt™ Fixed Brushless Belt Cleaning System

  • Overview

    Product Overview

    Designed for in-place cleaning flat conveyor belts in dry clean environments like bakeries, snack plants, confectionery plants, and industrial settings. The PureBelt™ fixed brushless conveyor belt system uses the power of dry steam to continuously clean conveyor belts and is designed to be affixed to your conveyor belt framing. Speed production times, decrease downtime, and increase output.

    • Improves production line flexibility
    • Reduces changeover times
    • Removes fats, sugars, oils, and more
    • Reduces labor time and water usage
    • Leaves belts dry and ready for sanitation

    Perfect for contract manufacturers or those with multiple products and limited production lines. Systems can be customized to meet your exact conveyor belt configuration and needs. Low water impact due to dry steam, but vacuum extraction options are available for better results.


    The Goodway brushless conveyor belt cleaning system speeds allergen removal, mold issues, glaze and oil oversprays, bacteria, fats, grime, and soils. Use Goodway dry steam systems to deliver labor savings, decrease sanitation time, and increase productivity with faster changeovers.

    Heavy Duty Dry Steam Conveyor Belt Cleaners Help Your Plant Meet FSMA Guidelines.

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Stainless steel construction - Easy cleaning 
    • Customizable design - Fits any application
    • Brushless system for flat belt cleaning
    • Vacuum extraction aids in cleaning
    • Conveyor belt cleaning system for flat belts
    • Clean In Place (CIP) solution cleans during production
    • Custom solution development and consulting are available

    Product Support

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  • FAQ

    Product Information

    Can the fixed brushless system clean belts during production?

    Yes! The fixed brushless belt cleaning system captures and extracts moisture in addition to soils and allergens.  This leaves a clean, allergen-free, dry belt every time it comes around for a rotation and allows significant production flexibility by continuously cleaning during production.

    Will the fixed portable brushless system remove allergens?

    Yes.  The belt enters our cleaning head, where soils and allergens are broken down and dislodged using dry vapor steam technology that runs the width of the belt.  From there, the soils, allergens, AND residual moisture are immediately extracted using a vacuum, leaving the belt completely clean, dry, and allergen-free.  If you are working with allergens or any changeover, we can do a free onsite demo for you where we can get a positive allergen swab on the belt before entering the belt cleaner and a negative swab as it exits to validate the technology on your production line.

    Can the fixed brushless belt cleaning system be automated to run when we need it?

    Yes. Our fixed brushless system can integrate with your systems seamlessly for optimized results and truly hands-free operation. We can accept signals to turn steam and vacuum on/off as the belt moves for automatic on-demand cleaning. Belt mistracking, changeovers, running 24/7, specific product runs of sticky products, whatever your needs, Goodway will meet them.

    I am an OEM/Belt Manufacturer, or consultant. Can you help design a cleaning system?

    Yes, we can. We work with OEM and conveyor belt manufacturers in implementing our Fixed Brushless onto their conveyors during the design phase. We are seeing more customers ask us to work with the OEM to implement Goodway fixed brushless systems during the design phase. This route allows for a more seamless implementation of the fixed brushless for the OEM, the customer, and Goodway. We will work with your team to define and implement the best solutions to exceed your cleaning and sanitation needs.