ScaleBreak® Sample Kit


ScaleBreak is an advanced descaling product for industrial use. It is designed to quickly and efficiently remove mineral deposits from industrial hydronic systems like chillers, boilers, plate and frame heat exchangers, cooling towers and more. It includes powerful descaling compounds, that are blended in a proprietary formula for high-performance descaling while protecting base metals from corrosion.

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  • ScaleBreak - Best for general descaling of copper, plastics, steel, iron, except stainless steel
  • ScaleBreak-SS - Best for descaling stainless steel

See the power of ScaleBreak for yourself. The sample kit provides a sample of the ScaleBreak liquid, test calcium deposits, and information on ScaleBreak products. Request a sample kit today.

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  • Features/Specs
    • Includes sample of ScaleBreak formula (Choose formula)
    • Includes calcium test samples, and container
    • Includes SDS and product information
  • Support

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