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Negative Air Duct Vacuum

Stamford, Conn. – January 03, 2023Goodway Technologies is excited to introduce the ultimate companion to its rotary duct cleaner with the AQ-V-4A Hi Flow Negative Air Machine.

This powerful air machine offers the latest technology to deliver intense negative pressure in air ducts to capture virtually all debris. The vacuum effect created by the negative air pressure restricts the spread of pollutants like dust, mold, and other contaminants outside the ducts being cleaned. 

The AQ-V-4A is designed to be compact and portable for a single operator and busy contractor. It is constructed with strong yet lightweight aluminum components for heavy duty use and includes stair climbers for ultimate portability. In addition to its 2500 CFM motor, the unit features three-stage filtration - cube, pleated, and true 99.97% HEPA – separated from the motor section for easy access and maintenance.

When used with the Goodway Technologies AQ-R1500 Duct Cleaner, the negative air vacuum provides the highest quality solution for duct cleaning, reducing the risk of dangerous environmental conditions in an HVAC system and significantly improving indoor air quality.

The AQ-V-4A can be used by facility maintenance personnel and professional contractors in various environments, including commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, cruise ships, and more.

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