Quick and Easy Removal of Cooling Tower Fill Deposits

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Cooling tower fill plays an important part in heat transfer. It also plays an equally important part of keeping deadly bacteria from flourishing. Scale, mineral and biological deposits on cooling tower fill can rapidly become breeding grounds for deadly bacteria that can cause Legionella. 

Cooling towers are basically big, giant air scrubbers. Dirty, pollen and a variety of other debris can quickly gather on tower surfaces and create perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, like Legionella, to flourish. Additionally, due to the natural evapriative action of towers, lime scale and other mineral deposits often form on tower fill. These scale deposits aren't just ugly, they also provide addtional surface area for bacterial growth. Even the most stringent water treatment struggles to keep scale suspended, and bacteria at bay. That's why consistently scheduled maintenance to remove mineral and biological deposits form your cooling tower surfaces is required. 

Cooling Tower Fill Scale Remover

TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaning System

Dirty, crusty, scale-filled cooling tower fill is a perfect environment for bacterial growth, especially Legionella bacteria. This can lead to sick buildings and sick people.

Cleaning dirty fill has been a huge headache and challenge - until now. The TFC-200 removes scale buildup, helping eliminate hiding places for Legionella, other bacteria, mold, etc. TFC-200 provides a complete all-in-one system for cleaning mineral scale deposits and debris from your cooling tower fill.  Use with ScaleBreak-Gel for scale removal, TowerShine for biological matter removal and BioSpray Tower surface disinfectant.

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Tower fill scale descaler

ScaleBreak-Gel Cooling Tower Fill Descaler

Scaled-up cooling towers are ugly and unsightly. Cooling tower fill is the perfect hiding place for mildew and bacteria, like harmful Legionella. Cleaning scale and mineral deposits from fill have been almost impossible, until now. In conjunction with the TFC-200, the patent-pending ScaleBreak®-Gel's special ultra cling formula finds the mineral scale and dissolves it on contact. It is a low viscosity acidic product, formulated to adhere to and descale mineral deposits from cooling tower fill, or other vertical surfaces.

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