Goodway Descaling Solutions For SWEP Heat Exchangers

Goodway descaling solutions with ScaleBreak-MP have been tested and approved for use on SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers.

SWEP Goodway
Goodway SWEP Heat Exchanger Cleaning

“SWEP and Goodway both understand the value of investing in proper maintenance and the impact it can have on overall operations and efficiency,” says Adam Dahlquist, Business Development Manager of SWEP. “We’re looking forward to this joint effort to make it easy for our customers to find efficient, safe and reliable maintenance solutions.”

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers transfer energy with high efficiency and minimal thermal loss. When operating in environments where hard water occurs, or with high temperatures, scale deposits from minerals within the water source may fall out of suspension and adhere to the heat transfer surface, creating an insulating barrier. This may have a detrimental impact on the heat exchanger’s performance and efficiency. In addition to efficiency loss, continued scale build can act as a breeding ground for particulate fouling which can result in corrosion issues. Preventative maintenance is the key to maintaining optimal heat exchange efficiency and lengthening the operating lifespan of the heat exchanger.

Read the news release about the partnership here. 

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Goodway ScaleBreak-MP has been tested and approved for descaling SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers. Goodway also offers a variety of pumping systems to help circulate descaling solution. 

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