Powerful Descaler Relieves This Plant of Flue Gas Grief

Power Generation

A small waste-to-energy plant in Indiana that produces 7-megawatts of power had been seeking a solution to several lime scale related issues occurring in their stainless steel flue gas system scrubbing components. They thought chemical descaling was a great choice and opted for a solution based on the price alone. To their surprise, a simple post-use inspection helped them quickly realize the harsh chemical descaler they were depending on for years was actually causing excessive corrosion and cracking on their stainless steel components and piping. These pieces can be very expensive for a facility to fix or replace and waiting too long to take action would only make things worse.

All chemical descalers aren’t created equal – their system could benefit from a safe, non-toxic formula that dissolves deposits in water-cooled or heated equipment, so they decided to give one of the ScaleBreak formulas from Goodway Technologies a try. This biodegradable cleaner is safe for use on stainless steel equipment and effectively cleans grit screens and flue gas piping systems. The unique formula is also fortified with low foaming wetting and penetrating agents and superior corrosion inhibitors that help prevent excessive corroding. A single application on their equipment was all it took to persuade them that they made the right choice. Lime scale and other mineral deposits were removed and they didn’t experience any of the previous corrosion issues from before. 

Now the plant has officially switched to ScaleBreak, a more effective descaling solution that saves them time and money. Thanks to Goodway’s innovative maintenance solutions, they found a reliable descaler that restored efficiency in their flue gas systems and saved the plant money, so they didn’t have to replace any costly stainless steel parts or piping.