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We've collected a variety of case studies that can help you see the immediate value of Goodway Technology solutions in your business. 

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One of the largest bakery companies in the United States has mastered the art of kneading dough and turning it to freshly baked bread, but they are still searching for effective methods to keep old yeast from turning to mold inside of their belt conveyor.

A leading coal-fired power plant had been longing for a simpler way to complete tube cleaning maintenance tasks. With thousands of tubes to clean, it can easily become a daunting task if you aren’t using the right tools or methods.

When an electric utility company in Florida was dealing with inconsistency and particulates in their water, such as mussels, clams and organisms naturally found in ocean environments, they turned to Goodway Technologies for advice.

A 1,800-megawatt nuclear plant in the South had been routinely shooting their heat exchanger tubes as part of their ongoing maintenance program, yet they couldn’t help but notice that their tubes were still reducing in efficiency. Find out how they shot themselves to leaders in efficiency. 

Collecting thousands of metal shavings in an industrial environment with the average vacuum was producing unsatisfying results, yet it still required them to perform a strenuous routine they were growing tired of.  

Mold comes in thousands of varieties and many of these can be dangerous to the health of humans, pets and to property. Killing and cleaning mold can be a simple thing, however making sure it doesn't come back is more work. Review these three steps to cleaning and removing mold.