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Descaling Chemicals & Accessories

Lime, scale, rust and other water formed deposits cause loss of efficiency, increase operating costs and minimize the life expectancy of capital equipment.  The ScaleBreak family of industrial descalers includes specific formulations to match what's best suited for specific applications and base alloys.  Goodway’s high-performance descaling blends efficiently and safely remove deposits and re-establish operational efficiencies. Use in heat exchangers (shell and tube/plate and frame), boilers, pumps, chillers, atomizer systems, and much more.


El Neutralizante ScaleBreak es un polvo cristalino alcalino diseñado para la neutralización del desincrustante ácido, como el ScaleBreak, el ScaleBreak-SS y el ScaleBreal-Gel. El Neutralizante ScaleBreak es un polvo cristalino alcalino para la neutralización de las soluciones ScaleBreak, que pueden ser ácidas después de su uso.

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