BIOSPRAY-5 Ultra-Portable Surface Sanitation System


The BIOSPRAY®-5 ultra-portable surface sanitizer system is designed for on-the-go surface sanitizing and disinfection. The BIOSPRAY-5 uses no electricity and is powered by a lightweight 5lb CO2 tank.

BIOSPRAY-5 features an ultra-portable, lightweight design made from heavy-duty construction. When combined with our quick-dry EPA registered BioSpray D2 alcohol-based sanitizer, it is especially useful for broad surface sanitation, including around sensitive electronic equipment.

  • BioSpray lab-calibrated microdroplet technology takes less time to complete sanitation procedures than "spray n wipe" solutions, saving time, effort, and risk to repetitive stress injuries. Reduce labor time up to 63% while applying up to 88% less product.
  • Use in high contact, high turn-over areas like office spaces and cubicles, fitness centers, restaurants, doctor's offices, food prep surfaces, and more.
  • Primary applications include sanitizing both food contact and non-food contact surfaces like office surfaces, keyboards, phones, desks, and door handles. Also athletic equipment, medical surfaces, food preparation areas, and much more.

BIOSPRAY-5 surface Sanitizer System includes:

BIOSPRAY-5 surface sanitizer system, empty 5lb CO2 container, microdroplet spray gun, 10' (3M) hose, rinse bottle.

  • Quiet, nonelectric, no power needed ever
  • Intermittent applications (not continuous)
  • Saves up to 63% on application time and 88% on chemical volume vs wipes or pumps
  • Ultra-portable for easy transport and storage
  • Heavy-duty ABS case
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • CE certified
  • Use with alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectants.
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