TFC-JR Cooling Tower Fill Chemical Applicator

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The TFC-JR cooling tower fill chemical applicator is designed for the busy contractor that demands outstanding chemical application performance, in a product that's portable and easy-to-use. Use it to apply our cooling tower cleaning chemicals like;

  • ScaleBreak®-Gel - Mineral scale remover
  • BIOSPRAY-Tower Disinfectant - use to kill 99.9% of microorganisms like legionella.

Cleaning unsightly scale deposits not only makes the tower look better but also removes hiding places for dangerous bacteria, like Legionella. Us the TFC-JR to wet fill and apply ScaleBreak-Gel. The gel will work hard to dissolve mineral deposits. Then, use the CC-400 (sold separately) along with a turbo nozzle to safely remove lingering scale deposits, leaving tower fill cleaner and safer.

How much ScaleBreak-Gel will I need? Use this handy calculator

No fill and tower cleaning jobs are complete without complete disinfection. TFC-JR is also designed to quickly and effectively spray our tower disinfectant called BIOSPRAY-TOWER , which kills 99.9% of legionella.

TFC-JR Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner Applicator:

TFC-JR, 25' chemical resistant hose, spray gun, (3) 36" stainless steel extension wands, foaming nozzle, 15° spray nozzle, 40° chemical nozzle and a 45° quick connect adapter.

  • Compact, hand-carried designed
  • Designed to apply ScaleBreak-Gel, the unique scale cleaner that clings to all surfaces for maximum scale busting performance.
  • Use with BIOSPRAY-Tower for complete tower disinfection
  • Heavy-duty, chemical resistant components, and dolly
  • Siphon to attach to the 5-gallon chemical container
  • Patented via US patent nos. 9,731,330 and 10,030,216
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