Industrial Vacuum, Dry, Heavy Duty, Portable Continuous Duty


The workhorse VAC-CD5.5 dry vacuum is engineered with premium features to go the distance in the harshest industrial environments. Equipped with the highest quality 6-HP side channel blower motor and in-line pressure relief valve this unit can run continuously to keep up with your plant's facility maintenance demands. A polyester woven 1-micron efficient filter with expanded surface area assures the capture of fine particles and only clean air is exhausted. Additional features like an external filter shaker, large 27-gallon tank, and expanded surface area filtering system help keep potential clogging to a minimum and the vacuum running longer between tank cleaning, assuring that this rugged vacuum will become a trusted part of your facility maintenance and sanitation program.

VAC-CD5.5 Continuous Duty Vacuum includes:

Industrial heavy-duty continuous use vacuum, including 1-micron filter, external shaker, and 27-gallon collection tank.

  • Heavy-duty motor - dependable
  • Detachable roll-out collection tank - easy dumping
  • External filter shaker - keeps operation going longer
  • Reusable 1 micron pocket filter - economical
  • Caster brake - Sturdy operation
  • Uses 1-1/2", or 2" hoses - versatile
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