ScaleBreak-MP Liquid Descaler


Goodway® Technologies ScaleBreak®- MP is a unique blend of citric acid with corrosion inhibitors, wetting, and penetrating agents. It is designed for descaling a wide range of metals, plastics and other materials, including stainless steel and offers excellent cleaning results and speed without compromising the long-term integrity of equipment base metals. The biodegradable descaling solution safely dissolves scale deposits into a liquid suspension and allows them to be flushed out of heat exchangers, leaving no residual solution.

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This biodegradable descaler contains no HCL (Hydrochloric acid) yet delivers high-performance descaling. It is safe for prolonged exposure to stainless steel and eliminates the long-term potential of hydrogen embrittlement.  

ScaleBreak-MP is available in 55, 275, 330-gallon, and tanker loads.

  • High-performance descaler
  • Contains no HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
  • Safe on stainless steel
  • Fortified to deliver high powered descaling while protecting base materials from excessive corrosion 
  • Use in heat exchangers, chillers, boilers, pumping systems, cooling towers, FGD systems and more
  • Designed for descaling applications in HVAC, industrial and maritime
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