Portable, Cordless Surface Sanitation System



Save time and save on chemical costs - up to 88% less! The patented BioSpray® Surface Cleaner and Sanitizer system deliver faster, safer, and more efficient surface sanitation in your food plant, school, healthcare facility, cruise ship, or anywhere you need surface sanitation. Especially useful in “dry” clean areas where wet cleaning solutions are not recommended. 

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BioSpray uses a patented CO2 delivery technology to apply BioSpray D2 food-contact surface sanitizer in a continuous stream, delivering better coverage than manual wiping, in quicker time. No power is ever needed! It offers a heavy-duty, portable design that features an easy-load technology for the CO2 canister and an easy to clean and maintain stainless steel body. 

Primary applications include sanitizing both food contact and non-food contact surfaces. The quick-drying BioSpray D2 removes residual moisture from surfaces and is recommended for use as a sanitizer on food processing equipment, dairy equipment, food utensils, dishes, silverware, glasses, sink tops, countertops, refrigerated storage, and display equipment and other hard nonporous food contact surfaces. Lab calibrated spray-and-shoot technology for more effective coverage, reaching inside even the smallest cracks and crevices, with better results than manual sprayers or wipes.

BioSpray covers surfaces faster and more completely than conventional methods of trigger-spray bottles or wipes, reducing labor time up to 63% while applying up to 88% less product.

BioSpray system takes less time to complete sanitation procedures, saving time, effort, and risk to repetitive stress injuries.

BIOSPRAY-20 surface Sanitizer System includes:

BIOSPRAY-20 surface sanitizer system, empty 20lb CO2 container, microdroplet spray gun, 20' (6M) hose, rinse bottle.


  • Quiet, nonelectric, no power needed ever
  • Continuous operation with no downtime
  • Saves up to 63% on application time vs wipes or pumps
  • Patented freeze-resistant system
  • A highly calibrated delivery system for more effective coverage
  • Microdroplets saves on sanitizer by increasing surface coverage 
  • Portable for easy transport and storage
  • Hygienic stainless steel design for easy cleaning and years of service
  • Use in food production areas, healthcare environments and more
  • Perfect for “dry” clean areas where sensitive equipment prohibits wet cleaners.
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Patents: U.S. 8,635,873, U.S. 8,833,078
  • CE certified
  • Use with alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectants.
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