Brass Heat and Chiller Tube Plugs


Got a leaky tube? Plug it with the original solution that always works, a one piece tapered Brass Heat  and Chiller Tube Plug. When installed properly, tapered Brass Tube Plugs can stay in place for years. Precision engineered, Goodway Brass Tube Plugs are ideal for a wide range of tube applications and should be driven into the tube with a hammer, just far enough to form a seal. They are manufactured in sizes to cover chiller and heat exchanger tubes 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8” or 1” O.D. with BWG ranges 15-22.

  • High quality brass - long lasting
  • Variety of sizes - versatile
  • Easily installed - simple to use
  • Stay in place for years - peace of mind
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