Industrial Vacuum, HEPA, Wet-Dry, Heavy Duty w/Twin Motors

  • Overview

    Product Overview

    Enjoy the versatility of wet-dry performance. The VAC-2-HEPA Wet-Dry Industrial Vacuum is the safe solution for fine particle recovery applications. Equipped with twin-motor power, the VAC-2-HEPA produces a static water lift of 83" and an air displacement of 150 CFM to tackle even the toughest of tasks. How does it work? When recovering dry debris, the lower intake is used and a disposable paper filter bag traps the majority of material - capacity 5 gallons. When recovering liquids or bulk materials, the upper intake is used - capacity 12 gallons. In all cases, fine particles are filtered to 0.3 microns by a cloth filter, a Dacron filter, a polypropylene filter and a HEPA filter. Only "clean", safe air passes through the vacuum exhaust. Version available with vacuum head and drum ring to attach directly to 55 gallon drum.

    VAC-2-HEPA Standard Version includes:

    A VAC-2-HEPA Vacuum, filters, 20 gallon stainless steel tank, handles, wheels and casters.

    Note: Product does not include accessories. Order DA-KIT-9-H or individual accessories (2").

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Two heavy-duty motors - strong suction
    • Stainless steel tank - fits any application
    • Liquid shut-off - prevents overflow
    • Metal deflector - will not shatter 12"
    • HEPA filter - long life
    • HEPA filter monitor light - lets operator know when to replace filter
    • 1-1/2" or 2" hoses - versatile
    • Motor Power: 2.7 HP total, By Pass Motors
    • Input power: 13 Amps, 115 V, 50/60 Hz AC (Addtional options available)
    • Power Supply Cord: 37', 14-3
    • Static Water Lift: 66"
    • Air Displacement: 150 CFM
    • Dimensions: 17" diameter tank, 40" high overall
    • Weight: 64 lbs
    • Dry Capacity: 5 gallons
    • Wet Capacity: 12 gallons
    • HEPA Filter: Certified 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns and 150 CF

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