Industrial Vacuum, Dry, Heavy-Duty, Triple Motors


Ideal for the dry food processing industry, our stainless steel DV-3-SSH Food Processing Vacuum features three heavy-duty motors that deliver an airflow of 286 CFM and 81" of static water lift. Suctioned dry debris passes first through a 3 micron efficient polyester pocket filter, with expanded surface area, then through a HEPA certified 0.3 micron cartridge filter. Collected material is then held in a 14 gallon stainless steel tank. This grounded, rugged vacuum is available with a variety of accessories. It is the perfect choice for the recovery of fine, dry materials, like whey, cheese, flour, sugar, tea and coffee dust.

DV-3-SSH Food Processing Vacuum includes:

A DV-3-SSH Vacuum, filters, external filter shaker, 14-gallon detachable stainless steel tank, handles, casters and a tool basket.

Note: Product does not include accessories. See related accessories below.

  • Three heavy-duty industrial vacuum motors - strong suction
  • Detachable roll-out collection tank - easy dumping
  • Stainless Steel construction - easy to keep clean
  • External filter shaker - keeps filter clear
  • Reusable pocket filter - saves money
  • Filter system traps particles down to 3 microns - superior filtration
  • Tool basket - easy storage of accessories
  • 1-1/2", 2" or 3" (38mm, 51mm or 76mm) hoses - versatile
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