Industrial Vacuum, Heavy Duty, Dry, w/Twin Motors

Industrial Vacuum, Heavy Duty, Dry, w/Twin Motors

Now you can enjoy the same features as our extreme-duty dry industrial vacuums, at an economical price. The DV-M2 Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum uses 21.53 square feet of filter material that is pulled and pleated into pockets, drastically increasing the surface area of the filter and providing maximum filtration of fine particles. It's perfect for manufacturing, powder coating and many other industrial applications. Best of all, this new addition to our industrial vacuum line is available at a price that offers you as much value as it does performance.

DV-M2 Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum includes:

A DV-M2 vacuum, filter, external filter shaker, 9 gallon detachable tank, handles, casters and a tool basket.

Vacuum does not come with accessories. Please order DA-KIT-D or individual accessories (2").