Cooling Tower Filter System


Used in conjunction with our CTV-1501 TowerVac® , this filtering system will return crystal clear water to your towers. High-flow capability and small-micron filtration make this the perfect unit for cooling tower cleaning. The product delivers advanced filtering of wastewater, while cleaning, then returning clean, reusable water to your tower basin. When used in conjunction with the CTV-1501 Cooling Tower Vacuum, this powerful cleaning tandem helps protect against Legionella and other bacterial issues and offers an advanced, integrated system that is designed specifically to restore optimal operating conditions to cooling towers. Twin filter cartridges clean tower water down to 5 microns for a better performance. The filters are easy to clean and reuse. A clean water discharge rate of up to 50 GPM means it can handle any heavy-duty tower-cleaning job you encounter.

CTV-F2 Cooling Tower Filter System includes:

CTV-F2 (2), 5 micron filters, 25' connection hose, 25' outlet hose and mobile dolly.

  • Simple to operate - minimal training required
  • Heavy-duty aluminum filter housing - long life
  • Integrated dolly - easy to move
  • Reusable filters (up to three times) - saves money
  • Quick lock lids - rapid filter change
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