TubeGuard®-XL is a revolutionary additive to your chiller tube cleaning job. This formulated tablet design helps power through bio-deposits and adds a layer of corrosion protection to copper and other ferrous metal tubes.The TubeGuard-XL tablet is safe to handle, completely biodegradable and designed with environmentally friendly chemicals.

It is designed for use with the RAM-PRO-XL and the RAM Chemical Dispenser, which fits most existing RAM tube cleaner models. 

No measuring or dosing of chemicals is required. The TubeGuard-XL tablet simply dissolves in the onboard reservoir during tube cleaning; flushing the tubes in EPA certified bio-film removal compounds and corrosion inhibitors.

  • Aids in cleaning of biological matter from tubes
  • Adds corrosion protection to tubes to limit oxidation, while tubes are not in use
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