RAM-5 Service Kit


The RAM-5SF Speed-Feed Tube Cleaner is a hardworking machine, but after several thousand tubes, it could probably use a break. Here's a service kit to get your machine back up to speed. The RAM-5 Service Kit has everything, from illustrated instructions, shaft/driver, O-ring, seal, snap ring and bearings, to a new set of Speed-Feed gears and even replacement parts for the Speed-Feed gun.

RAM-5 service kit includes:

805 O-ring, 824 Seal, 825-R5 Bearings (package of ten), 826 Snap Ring, 833-1 Lower Bearing, 2229 Shaft/Driver, 803 Screen Washer, SFG-703 Speed Feed Gears, 2224 Trigger, 2225 Trigger Pads (package of two), 2245 Trigger Pin and HWST-1037-P Cover Screws (package of six).

  • High quality, durable construction
  • Complete kit to replace worn items on the RAM-5 Tube Cleaner
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