Chiller Bib® Frame Kit


The Chiller Bib® Kit from Goodway captures dirty water and debris during tube cleaning, saving time and money on post-job cleanup. The unit consists of a 24" wide x 12" deep reusable aluminum frame and a disposable poly bag. Soft, oversized nylon brushes (included) are used to securely fasten the Chiller Bib to the tube sheet. Using thumbscrews, these brushes slide in channels on the frame, allowing it to move across the tube sheet for optimum positioning and for the variety of tube configurations. The poly bag features a 25' integrated hose to funnel the water and debris to the nearest drain. Includes (3) Chiller Bib Bags.

  • High quality, durable construction
  • Includes frame, brushes for attachment to tubes and (3) three Chiller Bib Bags
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