Disinfect and Clean Your Cooling Tower

Goodway Technologies provides a complete system to clean, and disinfect your entire cooling tower.

Disinfect, Descale, and Clean Cooling Tower Fill with the TFC-200, ScaleBreak®-Gel, and TowerShine®

Cooling tower fill provides a hiding place for scale, slime, sludge, and bacteria like Legionella. Disinfecting and cleaning up the cooling tower fill can be simple once you have the right solutions. First, descale the tower fill using ScaleBreak®-Gel; apply it to the cooling tower fill using the TFC-200 and watch the scale dissolve. Next blast it away with the patented Turbo Nozzle. The cooling tower fill is already operating more safely and efficiently. Make sure the cooling tower fill is sparkling by finishing up with a high powered surfactant like TowerShine®. Then disinfect all hard non-porous tower surfaces with BIOSPRAY®-TOWER.

Vacuum and Clean Cooling Tower Basins with the CTV-1501 and CTV-F2

Water in your cooling tower basin is under attack every day from biological and solid waste. Higher bulk water bacteria counts can lead to a high probability of Legionella counts. Treatment alone can only do so much. Wipe out the grime with Goodway's CTV-1501. Clean without draining and vacuum while cooling tower is in operation!

While you are cleaning, save on valuable treated water. Use the CTV-F2 Filtration System in conjunction with the CTV-1501 to return clean water to the cooling tower. When filters become clogged simply back flush the unit to remove debris from filters. Filters can be back washed two to three times before needing a replacement.

Disinfect Cooling Tower Hard Non-Porous Surfaces with BIOSPRAY® Tower

Don't forget about this step; disinfect the hard non-porous surfaces of the cooling tower and cooling tower basin once it is descaled and clean. When used as directed, BIOSPRAY® Tower kills 99.9% of Legionella. This labor-saving no-rinse formula is an EPA registered, and 100% biodegradable surfactant.

*BIOSPRAY® Tower is not intended to treat cooling tower bulk water.

Find Your Perfect Cooling Tower Cleaning Solution

We make a variety of products to clean and disinfect your cooling towers from top to bottom.

Tower Basin Cleaning

Tower Disinfection

Tower Fill Cleaning

Tower Fill Descaling

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Why Maintain Your Cooling Tower

Public and Worker Health

  • Cooling tower maintenance is important to prevent deadly Legionella outbreaks like those that occurred in 2015 and 2018 in New York City. Contaminated droplets can travel miles, so it is important for public and worker health to keep your cooling tower Legionella free and reduce the risk of Legionnaires' disease.

Cost Savings

  • Cooling tower maintenance can decrease energy consumption and in turn, decrease energy costs. Deposits can negatively affect efficiency, so when they are removed, the system is more efficient.
  • Microbiologically induced corrosion can eat into your equipment. Preserve equipment lifespan by maintaining cooling towers.