Industrial Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial backpack vacuum cleaners are incredibly easy to use, ultra portable and very popular. They are modified canister vacuums custom designed to sit comfortably on the back of a user. Backpack vacuums are typically fitted with shoulder and waist straps to hold the vacuum securely in place enabling maximum mobility and ease of use. The motor is located in the bottom of the unit for a low center of gravity ensuring proper balance and stability for the operator. As these vacuums are fitted tightly to the body, the units are equipped with sound dampening and cooling components to ensure comfort and safety.

Goodway Backpack Vacuums

What makes the Goodway's one of the best backpack vacuum is the superior mobility in a comfortable, easy to carry package. It is ideal for cleaning congested areas, stairs, aisles, seats, shelving and other places where using upright or canister vacuums would be cumbersome. Unlike other backpack vacuum cleaners, this unit is ergonomically designed to curve with the operator's lower back, distributing the vacuum's weight over the hips and the shoulders for a comfortable fit.

The Best Backpack Vacuum Design and Safety

Older models were widely known to create a strain on an operator’s back due to poor design, weak straps, and machine weight. Today’s back oriented vacuums are designed with comfort in mind. Goodway’s ergonomic back loaded vacuums distribute the weight evenly against the hips and shoulders. The lightweight machine is easy to carry and is designed to conform to the operator’s lower back. Using a backpack vacuum is now an optimal and safe way to clean in a variety of applications

The Goodway backpack vacuum cleaner is constructed of high impact, body-durable molded plastic for reliability and long life. Our backpack vacuum uses a two-stage or by-pass motor. By-pass motors are constructed so that the impeller housing is sealed and isolated from the motor housing. The motor housing has its own cooling fan which draws clean outside air into the motor housing, preventing the possibility of dirt getting into the motor and reducing the life of backpack vacuum. Although by-pass motors are more expensive, they are also more reliable and longer lasting.

The Goodway backpack vacuum cleaner can serve all of your different commercial vacuum cleaning applications when you need the convenience of a backpack vacuum. Additionally, Goodway provides certified HEPA filtration for its BPV-100H backpack vacuum.

Vacuum Uses

Backpack vacuums have a variety of commercial and industrial cleaning applications and can be used for everything from hard to reach areas to large scale applications that require added mobility. Below is some common backpack vacuum uses.

Backpack vacuums are an excellent choice for picking up food, soil and candy wrappers in theaters. The vacuums can make quick work of cleaning floors and aisles between and under seats.

Airplane cabins are high traffic areas. Soil, crumbs and small pieces of trash make backpack vacuums an excellent choice for use in airplanes. The user can easily access aisles and maneuver around and under seats.

Stairways pose a challenge to clean. With a backpack vacuum's increased mobility, the user can focus on cleaning the surface without having to move a machine from stair to stair.

The mobility of a backpack vacuum also lends itself to cleaning hallways as the user can move quickly down the area without having a vacuum in tow.

Cleaning shelving with a backpack vacuum can save time. With its increased flexibility the backpack vacuum can easily reach shelving as it is not situated on the ground. With the proper wand extensions and accessories, the user can elevate with the backpack vacuum to access hard to reach storage shelving.

These vacuums make quick work of cleaning around and under students' desks and tables.

Buses and Railcars:
Backpack vacuums give the user the freedom of movement needed to easily clean aisles and around and under seats.

Houses of Worship:
Easily negotiate pews without having to drag a cumbersome canister vacuum behind.

Lightweight, portability makes it easy to clean around office furniture where many regular vacuums require careful maneuvering. Backpack vacuums can reach areas not accessible to regular vacuums including inside office furniture and shelving.

Ceiling Fans and Vents:
Backpack vacuums can reach some of the highest points in a room. Regular vacuums cannot reach high areas where dirty ceiling fans or vent grates exist without additional assistance. Backpack vacuums can reach these areas with greater ease