ACHR News - Chiller Maintenance for Savings and Profit


"Chiller maintenance is becoming more vital than ever before. Better maintenance can mean valuable energy savings and better bottom-line profits.

That was the thrust of a presentation titled “Raising the Bar on Chiller Maintenance”, given by Kip Bagley, Vice President of Service for Mesa Energy Systems and Rod Kraft, Branch Manager of EMCOR Services Arizona, at a webinar event jointly presented by The NEWS and Goodway Technologies Corp.

In his part of the presentation, Bagley described chillers as “usually the single largest energy user in the building” with “large installation costs". "A chiller must be maintained and serviced properly by a knowledgeable and technical-savvy staff.”

He cautioned, “Lack of maintenance equals major failures, which equals large dollars and costly downtime.” 

Read more about Chiller Maintenance for Savings, Profits featuring Goodway solutions in the May 2010 issue of ACHR News.