Tube Cleaning Tool, Triangular Scraping Tool, Adjustable


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  • Overview

    Product Overview

    Goodway Triangular Scraping Tube Cleaning Tools are used for removing heavy scale deposits in ferrous, straight tubes 1/2"-3" (12.7-76.2mm) I.D. These high quality tools dig into scale while it rotates, scraping off deposits as they pass through the tube. They can only be used in a clockwise direction and cannot be used in internally enhanced tubes. Adjustable to a 1/4" range. Select tube I.D. for sizing.

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • High quality, durable construction
    • For removing heavy, hard scale deposits from tube walls
    • Not for use with enhanced tubes
    • For tubes 1/2"-3" (12.7-76.2mm) I.D.
    • Adjustable to a 1/4" range

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