Tube Cleaning Tool, Hollow Shaft Kit


Goodway's GTC-989-KIT Hollow Shaft Kit is a complete kit for the PSM-500 tube cleaning drill. This drill kit provides a variety of hollow shafts in different lengths to increase the versatility of the drill in tubes 9/16"-1" (14.3-25.4mm) I.D.

GTC-989-KIT Hollow Shaft Kit includes:

Three GTC-998 Hollow Extension Shafts with couplings to form a 10' (3m) long shaft, a 1' (0.3m) shaft, coupling to connect shaft to PSM-500, couplings to connect brushes, buffing tools, hollow carbide drills and twist drills to shaft, and assembly tools.

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  • Features/Specs
    • Complete kit to extend reach of tube cleaner drill
    • High quality, durable construction
    • Includes couplings to attach your favorite cleaning tool to end (sold separately)
    • For tubes 9/16"-1" (14.3-25.4mm) I.D.
    • Offers a variety of hollow shafts in different lengths - versatile
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