Tube Cleaning Tool, Flex Hone Abrasive


Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools are light pressure, soft application honing devices for cleaning the walls of straight, ferrous tubes 1/4"-3" (6.4-76.2mm) I.D. The tools consists of 180 grit silicon carbide abrasive globules (stones) bonded to high density nylon filaments that light sand and remove deposits from tube walls. Match shaft connection type and order tool to correspond to tube I.D.

Note: Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools are normally used with a water flush for maximum life.

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  • Features/Specs
    • High quality, durable construction
    • 180 grit silicon carbide abrasive for light sanding of tube walls
    • Removes light to medium scale deposits
    • For tubes 1/4"-3" (6.4-76.2mm) I.D.
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