Firetube Cleaning Dry Pick-Up Attachment


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  • Overview

    Product Overview

    This is a vital tool for vacuuming up dislodged soot and scale, while using our Rotary Boiler Tube Cleaners. The GTC-DPA can be used with the AWT-100, AWT-100X, RAM-4X and RAM-4X2A Tube Cleaners, for the recovery of dry deposits. A shaft is fed through the back of the pickup tool, while a vacuum attachment is connected to the bottom. As deposits come loose, they are sucked into the vacuum for quick and safe recovery.

    Note: Dry Pick-Up Attachment requires a Bayonet Nozzle to insert into tube. Select Bayonet Nozzle by tube O.D. from the listing under Bayonet Nozzles in the drop down window at the top of the page.

  • Features & SpecsFeatures

    Product Features

    • Recovery of dry deposits
    • For use with the AWT-100, AWT-100X, RAM-4X and RAM-4X2A Tube Cleaner

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