Adjustable Silicone Tube Plugs


Adjustable Silicone Tube Plugs are made to conform to almost any interior tube surface, including coated tubes. They provide a versatile option when it becomes necessary to plug tubes and they are specially designed to not damage walls. Brass, or stainless steel nuts and bolts to match your tube materiel, vulcanized silicone rubber and high performance plastic, make the material's compatibility a non-issue. Choose your material, specialized seal configurations and Tube O.D. for proper matching. Choose single seal configurations, for lower pressure applications (less than 60 PSI), or choose double seal configurations, for higher pressure applications (up to 150 PSI). These plugs are designed for long life at high temperatures, in fresh, or saltwater. Installation and removal is easy. Pre-set torque wrenches make proper installation fool-proof. Available in any volume and as quote only.

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  • Features/Specs
    • Conform to almost any inside tube surface - versatile
    • Brass, or stainless steel nuts and bolts,
      vulcanized silicone rubber and high performance plastic - compatible
    • Available in single, or double seal configurations - peace of mind
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