Bayonet Nozzle for use with SAM-3 BFN


Bayonet nozzles are used with the SAM-3 system to aid in material pickup. Match tube ID, bayonet length and style for proper fit. 

Available SKUs

BFN-152-1-3/8, BFN-152-1-5/8, BFN-152-2, BFN-152-2-1/2, BFN-152-3, BFN-152X-1-3/8, BFN-152X-1-5/8, BFN-152X-2, BFN-152X-2-1/2, BFN-152X-3, BFN-152S-1-3/8, BFN-152S-1-5/8, BFN-152S-2, BFN-152S-2-1/2, BFN-152S-3, BFN-152-3-1/2, BFN-152X-3-1/2, BFN-152S-3-1/2, BFN-152XA, BFN-152SA

This accessory is compatible with: