Flexible Shaft, Wet Tube Cleaning, Nylon Casing for Tube I.D. 11/16"-1" GTC-704


Flexible Shaft with durable nylon casing for wet tube cleaning applications. Fits tubes 11/16"-1" (17.5-25.4mm) I.D. Available with standard threaded or Quick Connect brush fittings. Additional custom lengths are available. Call for pricing.

Please Note: Shafts are available in a variety of options to match your specific tube cleaner. Please choose your Tube Cleaner model and tool coupling type for proper sizing.

Important: For RAM-5-SFVS tube cleaner, you must have proper gearing for this shaft. If you require this gearing, please see our SFG-704 gears.

Available SKUs

GTC-704Q-35-R5, GTC-704Q-45-R5, GTC-704Q-75, GTC-704Q-60, GTC-704Q-45, GTC-704Q-35, GTC-704Q-25, GTC-704Q-17, GTC-704Q-12, GTC-704-12, GTC-704-17, GTC-704-25, GTC-704-35, GTC-704-45, GTC-704-60, GTC-704-75, GTC-704Q-60-R5, GTC-704Q-75-R5, GTC-704-35-R5, GTC-704-45-R5, GTC-704-60-R5, GTC-704-75-R5