Flexible Shaft Repair Kits REP-KIT


For Goodway Flexible Shafts. Flexible shaft repair kits include 4 drive end repair couplings, 4 thrust washers, 4 tool/brush end repair couplings, 1 crimping tool with punch, 1 flexible shaft lubricator with quick disconnect, and 2 bottles [16 ounces (0.5 liter) each] of lubricant for flexible shaft lubricator. Match your shaft model number and connection.

Available SKUs

REP-702Q-KIT, REP-703Q-KIT, REP-704Q-KIT, REP-702-KIT, REP-703-KIT, REP-704-KIT, REP-720-KIT, REP-701-KIT

This accessory is compatible with: