Tube Cleaning Tool, Flex Hone Abrasive FHT


For tubes 1/4"-3" (6.4-76.2mm) I.D. Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools are light pressure, soft application honing devices for cleaning straight, ferrous tubes. They consist of 180 grit silicon carbide abrasive globules (stones) bonded to high density nylon filaments. Match shaft connnection type and order tool to correspond to tube I.D.

Note: Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools are normally used with a water flush for maximum life.

Available SKUs

FHT-150, FHT-100-Q, FHT-062, FHT-025, FHT-031, FHT-037, FHT-043-Q, FHT-043, FHT-050-Q, FHT-050, FHT-056-Q, FHT-056, FHT-062-Q, FHT-068-Q, FHT-068, FHT-075-Q, FHT-075, FHT-087-Q, FHT-087, FHT-100, FHT-125, FHT-175, FHT-200, FHT-225, FHT-250, FHT-275, FHT-300, FHT-400