Tube Cleaning Brush, Blue Nylon GTC-211


Recommended for removing soft deposits (mud, algae, etc.) in straight, ferrous and nonferrous tubes. Goodway tube cleaning nylon brushes are made from the highest quality components to strict engineering tolerances and built to deliver the results you need. Brush should be equal to or 1/16" (1.6mm) smaller than tube I.D. Available for tube sizes 1/4"-1" (6.4-25.4mm) I.D.

NOTE: Quick Connect fitting in 7/16" (11.1mm) to 1"(25.4mm) only.

Available SKUs

GTC-211Q-1, GTC-211-5/8, GTC-211-1, GTC-211Q-1/2, GTC-211-1/2, GTC-211-1/4, GTC-211Q-11/16, GTC-211-11/16, GTC-211Q-13/16, GTC-211-13/16, GTC-211Q-15/16, GTC-211-15/16, GTC-211Q-3/4, GTC-211-3/4, GTC-211-3/8, GTC-211-5/16, GTC-211Q-5/8, GTC-211Q-7/16, GTC-211-7/16, GTC-211Q-7/8, GTC-211-7/8, GTC-211Q-9/16, GTC-211-9/16

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