Condenser Tube Scrubber, Soft/Hard Scrubbers TS


For tube sizes 5/8" - 1" I.D. All Tube Scrubbers are available in either soft or hard material to cover the complete range of tube sizes and most tube cleaning conditions. In most cases hard Tube Scrubbers are recommended, however your tube conditions may vary and more than one type may be needed. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Soft Version: Recommended for light to medium deposits
Medium Version: For variety of deposits. Available in .886"-.950" tube I.D. only
Hard Version: Recommended for heavy tube deposits

Available SKUs

TS-560-S, TS-560, TS-630-S, TS-630, TS-695-S, TS-695, TS-750-S, TS-750, TS-825-S, TS-825, TS-870-S, TS-870, TS-960-S, TS-960-M, TS-960, TS-1100-S, TS-1100, TS-1250-S, TS-1250