Macro Tube Filter TubeGuard


Maintaining heat exchanger equipment in power plants is costly. Fouling by mollusk shells, circulating water line slag and other debris can restrict cooling water flow and reduce heat exchanger efficiency. Impacts to operating and maintenance expenses can be quite dramatic. The patented TubeGuard™ can help reduce these expenses and improve plant operations. TubeGuard™ works by protecting individual tubes with specially designed macro filtration. Today's competitive utility environment requires that you take advantage of every opportunity to improve efficiencies and capture cost savings. TubeGuard™ represents an opportunity for you to realize improved condenser performance and reductions in operations and maintenance expense. TubeGuard™ has a proven track record in dozens of plants.

  • Friction fit no epoxy or tools required to insert in tube
  • Sizes to fit 0.875 inch to 1.125 inch tube O.D.
  • Polypropylene construction - Durable Safe - Will not damage tubes
  • Large openings - Keeps out larger tube clogging debris and allows the passage of smaller particles
  • Short profile - Less debris buildup on the tube sheet providing for easier cleaning

Available SKUs

TG-087-20, TG-087-18, TG-100-18, TG-100-20, TG-112-18, TG-112-20, TG-112-22